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Liquid International Equipment Manufacturers and Supplier located in China, has a team of highly skilled managers and engineers who prioritise quality over quantity and advancement over stagnation. After 15 years of effort, the company has flourished, and its goods are now sold to 65+ nations throughout the globe, including Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, and many more.

With Liquid International Engineering Lab Equipment, engineering students benefit greatly from time spent in the engineering school lab and industrial training labs, which provides hands-on experience with scientific principles taught in the classroom. In addition to fostering a love of learning and a passion for discovery, well-equipped laboratories improve engineering students chances of success in the STEM fields. In order to better serve educational institutions, the Liquid International team is hard at work building a global producer of civil, mechanical, electrical lab instruments, training systems and engineering lab equipments.

We as a leading producer of Engineering Science Educational Lab Instruments and Technology Training Systems, play an important role in the development of highly skilled workforce. To ensure the future success of the nation, it is crucial that they invest in cutting-edge engineering and science laboratory equipment for skilled workforce that is highly trained and proficient.